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Veronica Osorio is a film/TV actress and comedian currently living in Los Angeles. Veronica has worked with top tier Hollywood directors such as the Coen Brothers, where she played a fictional Version of Carmen Miranda in the film Hail, Caesar! She has also worked with Steven Soderbergh including HBO Film’s Mosaic and his latest film, The Laundromat, where Veronica plays opposite Gary Oldman and Meryl Streep. She is currently a series regular in the 1940’s drama Strange Angel on CBS All Access (EP Ridley Scott), created by Black Swan’s Mark Heyman.

Initially from Caracas, Venezuela, Veronica moved to NYC to get professional comedy training and became a sketch/character performer at the UCB Theater, she had teachers such as Zach Woods, Anthony King and Curtis Gwinn amongst other talented comedians. Veronica also trained at the Stella Adler Conservatory and was part of numerous long-running UCB /Off-Broadway shows alongside cast members such as Kate McKinnon, Nicole Byer and Mamrie Hart. In Los Angeles she briefly continued performing sketch at UCB LA and hosted an all-female variety showcase called The XX Factor for over three years. She’s currently the host of the fan-favorite Star Trek podcast Treks and the City


While in Venezuela, Veronica became a professional theater actress at a young age and played a wide variety of musical/theater roles like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and Puck in Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream becoming part of the CD album cast as well. Her training in clowning, acrobatics and juggling naturally led her to working in several circus acts and improv touring shows. Veronica also worked in film in Venezuela, notably in Luis Alberto Lamata’s Taita Boves. She volunteered as a children’s hospital clown and even got to work with the real life Patch Adams. She also became a theater director for the Skena Company and graduated from the UCAB University with a B.A in Social Communications, specializing in Screenwriting.

In her free time Veronica loves learning be it new languages, the science of microbes or financial principles. She loves being in nature, near her cats, or with her Venezuelan friends and family. Veronica also loves to travel the world, her ideal roles will take her around the globe and will help her explore other cultures and natural landscapes, while allowing her to exercise and discover new acting muscles. 

Her clown’s name is Cherry and she’s a very clever, very curious sexy little devil.